One-Of-A-Kind 77 Gemstone Earrings


Product Details

One-Of-A-Kind 77 Gemstone Earrings in Sterling Silver & Rose Gold-fill

*These bespoke custom dangle earrings will be made to order. Please communicate with me about your timeline needs. Thank you!*

Italian sterling silver hooks crest the hexagon crown and rainbow tourmaline top of these 6.75″ droplets. Cinderella’s Herkimer Diamond slippers grace the bottom.

In between them the following gemstones were used:

*moonstone*labradorite*boulder sapphire*fire opal*rhodochrosite*pink opal*peach calcite*pink tourmaline*andalusite*red garnet*ruby*pink spinel*hessonite garnet*baltic amber*carnelian*peach aventurine*yellow tourmaline*green garnet*green aventurine*green tourmaline*kambaba jasper*moss aquamarine*emerald*chrysoprase*aquamarine*grandidierite*chrysocolla*blue tourmaline*blue opal*blue apatite*blue sapphire*kyanite*lapis lazuli*tanzanite*super-7 stone*iolite*sugilite*black tourmaline*black spinel*

A number of these stones are used in a variety of forms. This is a truly unique pair of rainbow gemstone earrings.

Every piece is handmade by me at my studio in Victoria BC.