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Hi there gem lovers! My name is Sienna and I am the human behind Raven & Firefligh. Thank you for coming to my shop. 10-year-old me would never have imagined that she would one day be making jewelry for you while she was making jelly bracelets and selling them at recess. It’s taken many roads, adventures, learning and lives to return back to what made her so happy. I now channel my corvid-esque love of shiny objects and my passion for inclusivity into every R&F piece. I’ve always felt that jewelry is the most accessible and inclusive type of fashion so I take great pride in each and every piece I create. I’m a proud rock nerd, often found seeking out my stones and crystals from rock-hounds, individual stone cutters and local suppliers. I also hand-pick individual gemstones that catch my eye during my travels and wanderings. I’m privileged to live on an island surrounded by lush forests, big skies and wild seas, and I believe that all that beautiful energy makes its way through my hands and into your jewelry. I hope you feel that every time you wear it.